Denver homes for sale in February 2013 presented an evolving real estate landscape characterized by various shifts and trends. The total number of homes available for sale during this period amounted to 7,094, marking an 8% decrease from December 2012 and a substantial 32% decline from January 2012. In January, Denver witnessed the successful sale of 2,953 homes, reflecting a 13% dip compared to the previous month. Nevertheless, this figure also represented a significant 20% upturn in sales when compared to the same period in the previous year. These figures underscore the ever-changing dynamics of the Denver housing market, emphasizing not only the reduction in available inventory but also the robust sales performance.

The real estate landscape in Denver was marked by distinctive dynamics in January. Denver home buyers found themselves navigating a competitive market, where demand was on the rise. In January, Denver homes for sale that went under contract experienced a substantial uptick, with a remarkable 43% increase compared to the preceding month of December 2012. This heightened activity within the market indicated the strong interest of potential buyers.

Furthermore, the speed at which homes were sold continued to be a notable trend. The average time it took to sell a home in Denver decreased to 78 days on the market. This represented a substantial 25% reduction from the previous year, highlighting the efficiency and agility of the market. Homes were changing hands at a swifter pace, illustrating the adaptability and responsiveness of both buyers and sellers to the evolving real estate conditions in Denver.

In this environment, sellers were benefiting from heightened demand, as their properties were spending less time on the market. Buyers, on the other hand, were facing increased competition and had to act swiftly to secure their desired homes. These developments showcased the ever-shifting dynamics of the Denver housing market, underscoring the importance of timely decision-making and adaptability for all parties involved.

Average sale price stood in January at $274,754 down 5% from December but still 11% higher than January’s 2012’s $248,037.