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Denver homes for sale

Denver Real Estate Turns Around in 2012

denver real estate

A change has emerged in the Denver real estate market remarkably for 2012 which appears to emerge as a very strong recovery.  Preliminary indications seem to show a strengthening market which is stronger than many others in the country. Most of the homes have been sold in the price range of $100,000 to $499,999.  Condominium prices…

Denver homes for sale in the Metro area is at a 23 year low

Denver homes for sale

Denver homes for sale in February 2013 presented an evolving real estate landscape characterized by various shifts and trends. The total number of homes available for sale during this period amounted to 7,094, marking an 8% decrease from December 2012 and a substantial 32% decline from January 2012. In January, Denver witnessed the successful sale…