Home foreclosure filings in Colorado dropped 50% in urban counties compared to May of 2012 according to Colorado Division of Housing. Actual home foreclosure auction sales also dropped 25.4% in May from last year. Both home foreclosure filings and sales are now at the lowest level since 2007 when the state started tracking those numbers. Home foreclosure filings were down 43.3% in the first five months of the year and home foreclosure sales were down 29.4% from the same period of 2012. The report covers 12 urban counties including Denver area, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Grand Junction, Greeley and Pueblo. There were a total of 1,113 new home foreclosure filings in those areas last month which was significantly less than 2,249 in May 2012 and also down from 1,234 in April 2013. Actual foreclosure sales in the 12 counties were 720 in May, down from 965 a year ago and down from 769 in April 2013. Home foreclosure filings are the initial documents, filed with the county public trustees, which is used to start the home foreclosure process.