RTD vacates Market Street Station, what’s next for the station. RTD is leaving the Market Street Station for the new $480 million, 22-bay underground bus station located on the northwest side of the historic Denver Union Station. The city already has plans to turn the station into a short term 80 space underground parking garage and potentially into a mixed-use development. The garage is expected to open by July. RTD originally sold the Market Street Station in 2008 as part of the Union Station redevelopment to a joint venture between East West Partners Inc. and Continuum Partners called Union Station Neighborhood Co. However, RTD needed money for the Union Station redevelopment so the city offered to by Market Street Station for $11.4 million and hold it for 5 years. Union Station Neighborhood Co. has until April 30, 2015 to notify the city whether or not they will buy Market Street Station. If Union Station Neighborhood Co. decides to buy Market Street Station, they have until December 30, 2015 to close.