Home values in the Denver metro area are up 10.2% year over year however, the month to month prices in the Denver-Aurora-Broomfield area, excluding Boulder County dropped 0.1% from revised August level.  Month to month price in the Denver metro area rose 0.9% between July and August not seasonally adjusted, and 0.7% after seasonally adjustment according to Case-Shiller.  Home values included sales of “distressed” homes which are basically those sold by a bank or a lender after a foreclosure. Excluding the distressed properties, the resale prices rose 9.5% year over year; however resale prices remained flat between August and September 2013. The Case-Shiller index for Denver stood at 146.95 for August which was an all-time high. This means the home resale prices averaged 46.95% higher than they were in the benchmark month of January 2000. Also this was the fourth consecutive month the index broke records since May. The highest previous level was August 2006 at 140.28. Statewide, Colorado home values were up 9.2% year over year, including distressed sales, and up 8.8% excluding distressed sales. Nationwide, the home values were up 12% year over year including distressed sales or 10.8% without, which is the highest level since 2008.