Downtown Denver condominium sales tops $230 million in 2015 with 404 units sold, slightly lower than the 397 units sold in 2014. This represented a 14.64% increase in sales volume compared to $201 million in 2014 The average sold price jumped 12.65% to $571,162, compared to $507,013 in 20014 while the average sold price per square foot increased to $431.00, up 11.08%. Average price per square foot for 2014 was $388. Spire continued to be the top performer with 67 units sold, totaling $36.5 million in sales volume while the average price per square foot came in at $514. The highest price unit sold in Spire was $1,300,000 or $778 per square foot. Glass House and One Lincoln came in second and third in total units sold with 44 and 24 respectively while total sales volume for Glass House and One Lincoln came in at $21 and $15 million. The highest price condominium sold in downtown Denver area was at the Four Seasons at $4,550,000 or $876 per square foot. Total sales volume for the Four Seasons came in at $19 million with 10 units sold. Average days on the market also dropped to 50 days which was a 19.35% decrease compared to 2014 at 62 days. Average absorption rate per month was 33.5 units while the difference in sold price vs list price was 97%, identical to 2014.