In third quarter of 2013 there were 132 downtown condos and lofts sold which was a drop compared to the 145 sold in 2012. However, when you look at third quarter of 2012, buyers paid $34.5 million for 23 downtown condos at the Four Seasons, while last quarter there was only one sale for $1.5 million at the Four Seasons. Total dollar volume for 3Q was $62.9 million which was a 27% drop compared to the $86.4 million in 3Q of 2012, however, when you subtract sales at the Four Seasons, the downtown condo and loft market outperformed third quarter of 2012. Several downtown condos are seeing big increases on a price per square foot including the Four Seasons with the one sale in 3Q at $640 per square foot. In addition, Brooks Towers and Barclay Towers saw 18% and 15% increase while Ice House saw 18% increase respectively. Spire sold more units than any building with 32 units sold and the highest dollar volume at $14.9 million.  The most expensive unit sold in 3Q was a 2,915 square foot loft at Flour Mills Loft which sold for $1.99 million.